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Sector…Your Monthly Trade Magazine

Firstly this publication is published by taxi drivers for taxi drivers and we hope that we can make a real difference by getting the right guest columnists to both educate and help our readers.

Our new’s items will be reliable, current and above all relevant.

We will keep abreast of commercial opportunities for our readers, and persuade advertisers to give them the best possible deal.

Above all it will be interactive, the articles and comments from our readers will be the basis of every edition, we will encourage our readers to engage at every opportunity; we want to know what they think.

About Us Rob Cardwell-Editor

We are lucky to have Rob Cardwell as the editor, many will know Rob from ‘Sound of the Suburbs', but he has also been active in numerous campaigns doing his best to improve the trade.

Mail: rob@suburbantaxinews.co.uk?subject=Sector News-Please give your name. Mail: michael@suburbantaxinews.co.uk?subject=Sector Trade Magazine-Advertising Opportunities Mail: david@suburbantaxinews.co.uk?subject=Sector Magazine Web Site Publication Request Mail: yoursay@suburbantaxinews.co.uk?subject=Sector Magazine-Your Say&body=Always include your name.